Microsoft “Prepared To Lower Price” On Xbox One Next Year

Microsoft “Prepared To Lower Price” On Xbox One Next Year

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SuperSterlingJ says:

Doesn’t change the fact that your statement lacked input. All you said was that kinect 2 and xbox 1 are the same thing as kinect 1 and xbox 360. You didn’t give a reason as to why you thought this.
You lack depth. So why would a general audience be interested in what you have to say. Future reference: Keep retarded shit to yourself.

Kiddeth says:

they were meant to be simplistic, as to be more easily understood by a larger audience. Regardless of the statements simplicity it’s accuracy is with out question.

SuperSterlingJ says:

Sorry the term ”general” was not the best term for me to use. A better term would be ”simplistic”. Your ideas lack logic and are therefore simplistic.

Kiddeth says:

there is nothing general about my statement, you obviously have never taken an I.Q. test before, oddly enough I had thought they were mandatory now days at least they were in every school I went to, of course I never went to public schools so that may be it.

L3gion3r says:

Someone can’t express feelings through words so others could sense that that there is a joke involved

SuperSterlingJ says:

Well, if you want to be that general about this then I guess it’s safe to say the ps4 is the same as the ps3 which it really is and the xbox 1 and ps4 are also the same thing. The only difference is the exclusives. That’s why I hate warmongering console faggots.

Kiddeth says:

Speak for yourself fool.
the K2 is to the K1 what the X1 is too the 360

JayOmegaMaster says:

Someone cant take a joke

L3gion3r says:

Apparently you need glasses or you are unable to comprehend that not all people agree with you. Either way, deal with it

JayOmegaMaster says:

um… how?

JayOmegaMaster says:

said no one ever

john plewa says:

Ha, i just think its funny that your lying for Microsoft when they don’t give a shit about you. I have been a big supporter of the xbox but i only state facts. The ps4 is more powerful, granted it won’t make a difference due to cross platform triple a titles. The devs made cod better on the xbox? No. MS bought early dlc release rights, that’s about it.

81squirrel says:

lol u mad

john plewa says:

Wow you’re spiting out a bunch of bull shit right now. I’m all for the xbox but you’re just lying for MS.

john plewa says:

As soon as they remove the kinect people will start bitching about it only being half a console because the interface will be over engineered with inaccessible features.

smokeyjacobiful says:

Xbone has such better exclusives at launch its just that damn kinect. That and that it’s slightly less powerful than ps4 which probably won’t make a difference. It just sucks I would probably own both for awhile if it wasn’t for the stupid kinect. I have absolutely no interest in knack or killzone or infamous but still going with ps4 over xbone.

Zantiago Meza says:

I ll buy xbox one for a price of 10 DLLS… ONLY 10 BUCKS!

Suck on that microsoft!!!

Alex Garcia says:

Xbox one

billyhatcher643 says:

i think microshit will not make the shitbox one will not get a lower price

mrPlayStationNinja says:

check the hardware on both consols man. and cod is not better on xbox. the reason y it is better this generation(ps3, 360) because xbox offers the right hardware and processors to support all the shading.

81squirrel says:

ps4 is not more powerful id say they are both as powerful and the reason why EVERYONE buys it is because of CoD. Treyarc/Infintyward made it better for Xbox. They made it worse for Playstaion because the owners of Xbox and CoD are friends.

mrPlayStationNinja says:

$350 is a reasonable price for the xbox one. 1 reason and the only reason why, ps4 is the more powerful consol, but really, they are practically the same.

81squirrel says:

It was just released a couple days ago that there will be a Xbox one without a Kinect for $350… SUCK IT PLAYSTAION

mrPlayStationNinja says:

microsoft must be desperate

Andreas Kazen says:

xbox one price have to come down very low or i will not buy because i hate the name,
and ps4 will have no lag on the internet

SturFriedBrains says:

… Wut? I only understood like 1/2 of that…

Neon Donkeys says:


FeelinLight says:

Fucking this. Switching to any item on skyrim instantly meks mi cyr everyrtim. i love it

DoodleSnozzle says:

lol he doesn’t act like he’s untouchable and can’t die? :D wtf?

SaulTBawlz says:

I keep noticing you aren’t very good at games, every game i see poor playing skills. It’s weird is all usually people that review games or commentate on them are atleast skilled players.

L3gion3r says:

I give a crap about kinect!

DarkPyroGaming says:

I use the HD PVR 2 and love it, check out my channel to see what it looks like in HD!

tiakpark says:

@al;jf adsjfkadsj fad Oh yeah dude, totally agree with you even though you don’t exist. But I think you might like–al;jf’aejfkdljflkd
Oh sorry, accidentally mashed the keyboard. You might enjoy crawling into a hole and die….

Andrew Sunmola says:

i love watching your gameplay footage because you dont act like you are untouchable and cant die like these other ass wipes on youtube. Im going to start a channel soon what video cap device is good. so far everyone leans towards HD PVR 2.?

JoHn DoE says:

If you look at Timii240830′s comment, you’ll see he said “Fucck [sic] Microsoft they’re just in for money and had to EAT THIER [sic] OWN WORDS…”. I was just adding to vondy’s reply to that *coughs* expression of stupidity… I mean comment ;)

vnktajay says:

@vjcjpdv yeah you go that right BUT! you would probably enjoy this online game –> goo.glMZ0Fxi

chgotbanned says:

yeah i like it too, but 500 bucks is 500 bucks

RandomGuyOfTheWeek says:

go here, may be you will find people with your same thoughts :)

JoHn DoE says:

They might to bring the price down. You’re right, Kinect is a huge part of Xbone, but considering how desperate MS is to keep up with Sony, you really never know… I guess we’ll find out in November

chgotbanned says:

they pretty much designed the new console around the power of kinect, no matter if people dont like it, its a big part of the console and its architecture was based around it, so i dont think they would. but it is possible

Ram Arikotla says:

@rqmieup for sure dude you hit the nail on the head there AND! check it this game one of the better online ones ive seen in a while: snipurl.com27qgbds

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